Turbo Vanes Ltd.

Turbo Vanes Ltd.

Thanks to Turbo Vanes Ltd you now count on high-quality replacement turbo vanes (turbo nozzle rings) for your variable geometry turbocharger. Forget problems associated with sticking vanes. Our turbo vanes are manufactured according to OE specifications to guarantee optimal performance and reliability.

Variable geometry turbochargers (VGT) quickly became the standard in all kinds of vehicle applications ranging from passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks. The reason is simple. Turbo vanes technology brings many benefits not possible with old wastegate-based turbo systems. Increased performance and torque at low RPM, better fuel economy, and reduced emissions are only a few of those benefits.

However, VGT technology also has its drawbacks. Due to the harsh environment where they work, turbo vanes (aka turbo nozzle rings) are prone to carbon buildup. Since turbo vanes are responsible for regulating the exhaust flow, when they get stick due to carbon deposits engine performance is severely affected.

Usually, the problem can be solved either by using a Turbo Cleaner treatment or dismantling the turbocharger for thoughtful maintenance. However, when turbo vanes are damaged, no cleaning or maintenance will solve the issue. The only options left are replacing the turbocharger assembly or changing the internal turbo vanes.

Thanks to Turbo Vanes, now can replace the turbo nozzle rings saving you thousands of dollars. Browse confidently our comprehensive selection of turbo vanes/turbo nozzle rings, choose one that fits your vehicle OE specifications and leave the rest to us. Before you even notice it you will have your new electronic turbo actuator at the location of your choice.

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