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Are you in need of a turbocharger for your vehicle? Then look no further. Turbo Vanes can offer you the best brands at unbeatable prices!
  • BorgWarner Turbo Systems
  • Garrett Turbo
  • Mitsubishi Turbocharger
  • HOLSET Turbochargers
  • IHI Turbochargers
Our goal at Turbo Vanes is providing you a fast and reliable one-stop solution for your turbocharger needs. In that sense, we have thousands of original manufacturer turbochargers in stock ready for delivery! Buy with confidence, simply use the dropdown menus to find the right turbocharger for your vehicle and leave the rest to us. Before you even notice it you will have your new turbocharger at the location of your choice. Regardless of your application, Turbo Vanes has the perfect turbocharger for you.


Electronic turbo actuators are among the most important components of your turbo system. Did you know that under the right conditions a faulty electronic turbo actuator could produce engine failure? Take no chances. At Turbo Vanes our pledge is offering only top-quality aftermarket electronic turbo actuators that meet or exceed OE specifications. That guarantees electronic turbo actuator reliability under any driving condition. Having trouble finding the right electronic turbo actuator? Turbo Vanes have thousands of high-quality electronic turbo actuators in stock ready for delivery! We are committed to offering you the best aftermarket electronic turbo actuators in the market. That’s why at Turbo Vanes we only sell products from top-tier brands such as:
  • Continental
  • Mitsubishi
  • Garrett
  • BorgWarner
Stop losing time, Turbo Vanes is your one-stop solution for your turbo needs.


You don’t have to pay a fortune to keep your turbocharger in optimal condition. At Turbo Vanes we offer you a clever solution that will save your hard-earned money. Forté Turbo Cleaner is a top-quality treatment specifically designed for turbocharged vehicles. The idea behind this treatment is cleaning the complete turbo system without dismantling the turbocharger. Save time and money. The trusted quality of Forté Turbo Cleaner will reduce the soot emissions and get rid of carbon buildup responsible for most turbo problems. Additionally, Forté Turbo Cleaner will bring you many other benefits at an incredible value:
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Increased engine power and torque
  • Reduced exhaust emissions levels
  • Cleans variable geometry turbos without the need of dismantling
  • Cleans EGR valves
  • Compatible with all diesel engines
  • Compatible with biodiesel engines up to B30
  • Cost-effective
Using Forté Turbo Cleaner as part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule will keep turbo components working at top efficiency and increase their lifespan. What are you waiting for? Buy with confidence, Forté Turbo Cleaner is the solution you were waiting for.
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