Electronic Turbo Actuator

Electronic Turbo Actuator

Turbo actuators are responsible for controlling turbocharger boost output. At Turbo Vanes we know the crucial importance of turbo actuators, that’s why we provide you with top-quality aftermarket turbo parts that meet or exceed the original manufacturer specifications. Our electronic turbo actuators guarantee unsurpassed performance and reliability.

Electronic Turbo Actuators are directly managed by the vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to control Variable Geometry Turbochargers vanes and/or relief valves that in turn regulate the turbo boost. Nowadays, both petrol and diesel engines demand fine-control of turbo boost pressure to provide optimal power and torque along with ultra-low exhaust emissions. That level of control can only be achieved using accurate electronic turbo actuators.

Electronic turbo actuators are exposed to extreme temperatures coming from engine exhaust. That’s why Turbo Vanes only provide electronic turbo actuators parts from renowned brands to ensure their reliability under such unfavorable conditions.

By using Turbo Vanes electronic turbo actuators you avoid the risk of a continuous turbo over-boost condition. Depending on the intake pressure, engine type, and driving conditions, a prolonged turbo overboost could cause problems ranging from engine lag at low RPM, exhaust backfires or even engine failure.

At Turbo Vanes we are committed to offering you only the best electronic turbo actuators from the best aftermarket suppliers such as:

  • Continental
  • Mitsubishi
  • Garrett
  • BorgWarner

Browse confidently our comprehensive selection of electronic turbo actuators, choose one that fits your vehicle specifications and leave the rest to us. Before you even notice it you will have your new electronic turbo actuator at the location of your choice.

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