Turbo Actuator

Turbo actuators are responsible for controlling turbocharger boost output. At Turbo Vanes we know the crucial importance of turbo actuators, that’s why we provide you with top-quality aftermarket turbo parts that meet or exceed the original manufacturer specifications. Our wastegate turbo actuators guarantee unsurpassed performance and reliability.

Turbo actuators are usually driven by engine vacuum, that way the wastegate valve regulates the exhaust flow depending on engine load.

Since turbo actuators are exposed to the extreme temperatures coming from engine exhaust, Turbo Vanes pays special attention in providing only turbo actuators parts from renowned brands to ensure their reliability under such unfavorable conditions.

By using the appropriate turbo actuators you avoid the risk of turbo over-boost or under-boost conditions. A faulty turbo actuator can severely limit engine power and fuel economy thus using top quality parts is important.

At Turbo Vanes we are committed to offering you only the best turbo actuators from the best aftermarket suppliers such as:

  • Continental
  • Mitsubishi
  • Garrett
  • BorgWarner

Browse confidently our comprehensive selection of turbo actuators, choose one that fits your vehicle specifications and leave the rest to us. Before you even notice it you will have your new turbo actuator at the location of your choice.

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